RMC-"Seul face à l'Alaska" Saison 1 - Episode 1

Essential Survival Items You Should Have When Visiting Alaska When visiting Alaska, there are several essential survival items you should always have with you. This is especially true if you plan to spend time out in the wilderness, away from civilization. While it's a beautiful and relatively safe place to visit, Alaska can still be a dangerous place if you're not properly prepared. The first item on the list of essential survival items should be clothing that is suitable for the cold weather in Alaska. You'll want to pack plenty of layers, such as long johns, sweaters, jackets, and hats. It's also important to have waterproof outerwear in case of rain or snow. Lightweight hiking boots are also essential for traversing the rugged terrain of Alaska's backcountry trails. The next item on the list is a good first aid kit. This should include bandages, antiseptic wipes and ointment, pain relievers, and any other medications you might need while traveling in this remote region. Make sure your first aid kit is easily accessible at all times while outdoors so that it can be used quickly in an emergency situation. A high-quality camping stove should also be included on your packing list for an Alaskan adventure. Bring enough fuel for your stove along with pots and pans for cooking meals outdoors if needed during your stay in the wilds of Alaska. Also make sure to bring along some water purification tablets or filter systems so that you can drink from rivers or streams without getting sick from bacteria or parasites found in untreated water sources. Another must-have item when visiting Alaska is a knife or multi-tool with a variety of blades suitable for cutting rope, slicing food and carving wood into useful items like firewood or shelters if needed during your stay in this remote region. A compass and map are also essential so that you don't get lost while exploring this vast landscape full of hidden surprises around every corner! Lastly, it’s always wise to pack some form of communication device such as a satellite phone to call for help if an emergency arises while out in the wilderness away from civilization — just make sure it’s fully charged before leaving! Overall, these are just some of the many essential survival items one should consider when visiting Alaska - take care when packing so that you’re well-prepared before setting off on your adventure! Lire la Description Bonjour à tous, Rediffusion de RMC sur la série Seul face à l'Alaska. Présentation de la Saison 1. Voici la situation, Dans les montagnes de l'Alaska, l'homme n'est pas au sommet de la chaine alimentaire. Ici, la survie est un défi quotidien. Suivez Eutace, Marty et Tom, seuls face à l'Alaska! Aux Etats-Unis, la survie de certains hommes repose encore sur ce qu'ils peuvent tirer de la nature. Loin de toute civilisation, ils ne doivent compter que sur leur ingéniosité pour s'en sortir. Suivez trois hommes au coeur des montagnes : Eustace Conway , qui recherche depuis 20 ans une existence plus "vraie" plus proche de la nature au plus profond de l'état Caroline du Nord ; Tom Oar et sa femme Nancy, dans le Montana qui n'ont pas été en ville depuis plus de 10 ans ; et John, un trappeur de profession en Alaska qui doit chasser pour survivre. La saison 1 sera complétée au fil du temps. Merci de votre compréhension. Lâchez un commentaire sur cette vidéo, afin de partager votre avis sur la situation.