Preparing for a Snow Storm in Alaska: 5 Tips to Survive Without Electricity

Preparing for a Snow Storm in Alaska: 5 Tips to Survive Without Electricity


When it comes to surviving in Alaska, no one knows the struggle of extreme weather conditions better than Alaskans. With temperatures dipping to dangerously low levels, and thick snowstorms sweeping across the state, Alaska residents must be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at them.


But what happens when a severe snowstorm knocks out power for days or weeks? What do you do when you’re left without electricity and you have to prepare for a storm?


Here are five tips on how to survive a snowstorm in Alaska without electricity:


1. Gather Supplies Ahead of Time

Before winter sets in, stock up on all the necessary supplies you’ll need to get through any power outage. This includes non-perishable foods, flashlights, and extra batteries, warm blankets and clothing, water jugs filled with fresh water, kerosene heaters or wood stoves if available, firewood or other fuel sources if needed, and candles and matches. If you live in an area that gets particularly cold during winter months it may be wise to invest in an electric generator as well as any special electrical equipment (like charging cords) that could help keep your phones charged during an emergency.


2. Make Sure You Have Enough Fuel

Most Alaskan homes rely on oil furnaces or woodstoves for heating during cold winter months so having enough fuel is crucial to staying warm even if there’s no electricity available. Make sure your fuel tanks are full before any anticipated snow storms hit so that you won’t be caught off guard by running out of oil or wood during a power outage. If possible it can also be beneficial to store extra fuel like propane gas tanks near your home just in case of emergencies where more fuel is needed quickly but can’t be obtained easily due to poor road conditions from bad weather.


3. Keep Hydrated

It might sound obvious but drinking plenty of fluids is essential when preparing for a snowstorm in Alaska without electricity since hot food won’t always be available due to a lack of power sources like microwaves or ovens. To avoid dehydration make sure you have several gallons of potable water stored away before the storm hits so that everyone in your household has access to clean drinking water even if there’s no running tap water available due to a lack of electric pumps working properly due to weather conditions outside your home's walls. It also might not hurt to invest in some reusable metal bottles with lids or thermoses so that hot beverages can still be enjoyed while waiting out the storm despite not having access to electricity-powered appliances like coffee makers either!


4 Stay Connected

Though cell phone service may not always work perfectly during storms with heavy winds and precipitation it can still be a useful tool when trying to stay connected with family members who aren't under the same roof as yourself - especially helpful if someone does lose contact with their loved ones altogether due lacking working landlines (which are more prone than mobiles being affected by bad weather). Investing in two-way radios as well as satellite phones are other good options one should consider using to keep contact open between family members who require reliable lines of communication while being stuck inside their own homes with no access to electricity running through walls either! Additionally, through social media outlets like Facebook aren't exactly considered life-saving tools they still provide a great way to stay connected with friends and neighbors who might have the same dilemma themselves - providing a much-needed support system even in times of direst need!


5 Remain Calm & Stay Inside

One important tip to remember before braving any kind of dangerous weather condition is simply staying inside the home - no matter how much want to explore the outside world after being cooped up all those days without running lights! Though it's tempting to wander around outside looking at the damage done from a recent storm taking unnecessary risks only increases the chances of getting hurt oneself which nobody wants to happen course! Instead, try to remain calm and focus on tasks hand such as making sure everyone is safe and warm inside the home until authorities give the OK to venture out again after the storm passes by safely!


All these tips will help Alaskans prepare for heavy snow storms without relying too heavily on resources that require power like microwaves ovens etc… By stocking up on supplies beforehand gathering enough fuel staying hydrated keeping connected via cell phone two-way radio social media outlets etc… remaining calm while stuck indoors until authorities give go-ahead venturing out again - one should hopefully get through severe winter season unscathed spirits high ready take advantage beautiful summer months come around again soon enough too!


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